We are proud to be the professional facade coating supplier to your premises

Project Procedure

General Project Procedure

Step 1 - Investigation

Our experienced coating team will make an on-spot investigation before each project to be commenced.

Our team will provide you with professional coating analysis and suggestions according to the problem the building consists.

Step 2 - Design

You may be tired of choosing the suitable color scheme for your building.

Our color experts design the color schemes for every building and modify the color scheme according to your request and idea.

Step 3 - Guidance

Before carrying out the project, we provide practical material guidance to the constructors,

enabling them to be proficient at material application procedures and skills.

Step 4 - Inspection

Inspection is indispensable!

Our team inspects every procedure on the construction site. If the inspected area finds not satisfied,

those infected area must be corrected according to our requirements before commencing the next procedure.

Step 5 - Guarantee

After inspecting all the finishing procedures under our strict standards,

a 『Material Quality Warranty』 will be issuedv to you to ensure all the used materials are qualified with the standards within the application period.

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